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About Us

Why Consciously Loving You?

Support women in business
handmade with love
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self-love brand

Consciously Loving You is a safe space geared towards building deeper connections with oneself. Our brand focuses on self-love inspired products, which promotes not only Self-Love,
But self-confidence, Independence, self-worth, mental health, and most importantly



ceo/creative designer



While embarking on my own journey I learned that no two healing journeys will ever look the same. ​At what was supposed to be considered my "prime years;" I found myself at the lowest point in my life. I had completely lost my sense of identity, purpose, and joy. I was struggling internally! I spent so much time solidifying relationships with others that I forgot about the deeper connections within myself. I forgot about what made me happy and fulfilled. I had to deconstruct my life, take it completely apart and start anew. I wanted something better, I needed something better and, in that revelation, 

"Consciously Loving you" was born!

"Open your heart to yourself and discover the treasures hidden inside" 

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